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  1. #
  2. ![Support the EFF](
  3. _Proud supporter of the [Electronic Frontier Foundation](
  4. _Hosting secured with [Let's Encrypt](
  5. This is my personal landing page hosted with [Digital Ocean](
  6. using [Nginx]( at Being a static site it
  7. should be hostable nearly anywhere.
  8. The `_archive` directory has all the previous iterations of this website, dating back
  9. even before it was in source control. The `_archive` directory could be considered
  10. documentation of my indecisive nature.
  11. The `_error` directory has self-contained custom error pages for displaying `HTTP 400`
  12. and `HTTP 500` errors in the style of the rest of the site.
  13. ## license
  14. The contents of this repository are licensed under the [MIT License](
  15. *Additional libraries, components, and frameworks used in this repository may be
  16. licensed under different terms.*
  17. ## credits
  18. This website is built on the
  19. [Imperial Template](
  20. published by [](